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The Law Offices of Kyle D. Pierce is a client-focused, data-driven, statewide law firm working to solve problems for clients across Alabama.


The Law Offices of Kyle D. Pierce are your modern, dedicated, and hardworking law firm solving your problems across Alabama. We solve problems for you so you can get back to your life.

Whether you are starting your Gadsden or Birmingham business, facing criminal charges in Alabama, or dealing with the loss of a loved one, the Law Offices of Kyle D. Pierce and Attorney Kyle Pierce are ready to help you.

Our modern methods, coupled with cutting-edge technology and old-fashioned hardwork, set the stage for us to create a solution to your problem. 


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Our Approach

“A client-focused legal practice that combines hardwork and cutting edge technology to solve client problems.”

Hardwork & Innovation Will Help You Succeed

We combine dedication to old fashioned hard work with a willingness to adapt and change as we  never stop learning.

Kyle was born and raised in small town Alabama. He knows the value of hardwork and attention to detail. Once somebody learns how to treat people right, they never leaves them.

Hardwork doesn’t happen at the exclusion of innovation. At The Law Offices of Kyle D. Pierce, we constantly work to innovate our work to ensure that our clients have the best experience, and outcome, possible.

Advanced AI Driven Research Techniques

Old school techniques need modern ideas to win in an ever-changing world, including constant innovation and new technology.

Technology is quickly changing the way the entire business world operates – the legal field is no different. The Law Offices of Kyle D. Pierce works to employ the latest technology where it can assist us in providing the best service possible. Through technology, we’re able to provide most cost efficient and quick service.

The only think more important than hard work is the client experience.

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