Real Property Law

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Ending a landlord-tenant relationship can be tricky—the law requires it be done in a specific way. If you’re looking to remove a rent-payer (or non-rent payer, as the problem may be), look to an attorney who knows the process.

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Tenant Screenings

Trusting an asset to a stranger can be scary—we can provide the peace of mind that comes with a thorough screening of potential tenants to reduce the risk associated with leasing your property.

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Real Estate and Property Litigation

Whether there’s a question as to who owns a piece of property or your neighbor is trying to build a fence through your yard, we can help resolve your land-related issues with your best interests in mind.

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Tax Properties

If your house is being sold at a tax sale or if you purchased property in a tax sale and want to project your investment, we’re here to help make sure you get a fair shake in court.

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Zoning and Land Use

Property zoning laws live in both our courts and counsels, so you need someone with experience navigating both systems. If you want to change your property zoning or ask for enforcement of zoning ordinances, we can help.

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