Featured Law Firm from Practice Panther

by Nov 16, 2016Honors, Practice Management0 comments

Each week, PracticePanther showcases a particular law firm that uses their software to deliver efficient and effective representation to that firm’s clients.

This week, they have chosen to highlight The Law Offices of Kyle D. Pierce. This shows that, even as an Etowah County Family Lawyer, Gadsden Criminal Defense Lawyer, or Alabama Real Estate & Landlord Tenant Dispute Lawyer, hard work can be recognized.

Modern efficiency techniques are essential part of my practice. They help me better serve my clients here in Gadsden, Attalla, Rainbow City, and across Etowah County. With more efficient uses of technology, I am able do more in the same time which allows me to serve more clients and, in turn, lowers costs for my clients. This is especially important in Family Law and Real Estate / Landlord-Tenant cases where time and money are vitally important to moving the case forward. Moreover, the time I save allows me to be even more creative in my solutions. That creativity develops even more ways to save clients time and money.

Technology is of equal importance during Estate Planning as well. Whether it be a complete Estate Plan, Will, Trust, Power of Attorney, or Health Care Directive / Living Will, my use of technology empowers me to more quickly assemble documents that precisely and completely set out your wishes, minimizing stress and maximizing your time to focus on the things most important to you.

Criminal Defense clients are also aided by the use of technology. My secure client portal creates a venue to confidentially send messages and documents without fear of interception or breach. That confidentiality is vital during every element of the criminal defense process. You should be able to tell your Criminal Defense lawyer everything, regardless of where you are.