5 Common Mistakes Startups Make in the First Six Months of Business

by May 14, 2019Branding0 comments

Businesses are bound to make a few mistakes in the beginning when they’re first trying to get up and running. However, knowing what some of the most common ones are will make it easier for you to avoid them. In this way, you can dodge some of the usual disruptions your operation might face and move more smoothly toward achieving your goals.

Fail to Collect Online Reviews

Google reviews are an essential component of SEO (especially local SEO). Being easily found in search engine result pages as well as various directories is an immense boost. You should also obtain reviews on Facebook to ensure that you’re getting the social aspect. If people don’t know anything about you, they’re going to turn to reviews to help them make a decision, and if you don’t have any in place, they may pass you by in favor of a business that does have reviews. Make a point of asking your customers to leave a review on your website, in a forum, by email, or even in person at your location. Ask for permission to post the information.

Not Promoting the Business

The only way people will know you’re around is if you promote your business. While you don’t have to throw a huge grand opening event, you do have to use various forms of advertising. Online promotions can come in the form of Facebook ads, Twitter posts, and more. Learning how to create engaging ad copy is important to ensure that you are writing content people will want to stop and read. To guarantee that the ad copy resonates with a particular group, you’ll need to know your target demographic.

Not Having a Unique Value Proposition

Some businesses don’t spend enough time in the planning phase before opening their doors. You need to have a unique value proposition that sets you apart from all the other enterprises out there. People need a reason to do business with you. Do you have a unique product? Do you have lower prices? Whatever your strength is, be sure you’re telling people about it when you market yourself online and locally.


To avoid overspending, it’s important that you follow a budget. It’s easy to spend money, and this is particularly true within the first few months of opening a business. You might want to get the latest and greatest technology, spend thousands of dollars on marketing and give product away in order to get people through the door. Establish a budget and follow it. Otherwise, you’ll run the risk of having to close your doors forever because you are spending more than you’re bringing in.

Failing to Respond to Messages

Customer service is an important part of the equation that you don’t want to neglect. If people are reaching out to you to ask about your pricing, schedule an appointment. If they want to learn about what it is you offer, don’t ignore them. Messages may come in via email, Facebook Messenger, the phone, or another source. Prioritize customer service so that you don’t leave any messages unanswered. Understanding how to engage with customers on Facebook Messenger will ensure that you can respond to customers quickly. Many people use this tool because it generally means faster responses from business owners. You can even set up Messenger to have automated responses when people message you.

A lot can happen within the first few months of going into business. You don’t want to make major mistakes that can cause you to lose valuable time, money or clientele. Create a sensible plan you can follow, and prioritize your customers so they provide you with word of mouth marketing.

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