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The 5 Big D’s of Partnerships and How to Plan for Them

When you’re looking to start a company with another person, you need to have a significant amount of trust in the individual. The partner that you find should complement your strengths so that you can work well together as a team. Although you may have found the right fit, there are a few complications that […]

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Six Years Later: April 27, 2011 Tuscaloosa Tornados

On April 27, 2011, Kyle was a broadcaster with a group of radio stations in Tuscaloosa. He was part of a team which provided live round-the-clock coverage from the first warning’s issuance to the final West Alabama family had power restored. These are his thoughts looking back at the storm. It has been six years today. Try […]

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The Passing of Governor Albert Brewer

Alabama’s 47th Governor and Samford University Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Law & Government Albert P. Brewer passed away tonight, according to / The Birmingham News. Below are my thoughts on his passing. Tonight, we lost a giant. At once, a real life Atticus Finch and the closest thing to living Frank Capra character. This […]

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Featured Law Firm from Practice Panther

Each week, PracticePanther showcases a particular law firm that uses their software to deliver efficient and effective representation to that firm’s clients. This week, they have chosen to highlight The Law Offices of Kyle D. Pierce. This shows that, even as an Etowah County Family Lawyer, Gadsden Criminal Defense Lawyer, or Alabama Real Estate & Landlord Tenant […]

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